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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

wine tasting on altoids

as part of my half-hearted effort to acquire a veneer of professorial sophistication, i once attended a small wine tasting. unsophisticated lad that i am, i popped a curiously strong mint before tasting anything. bad idea. my impressions of the wines went something like this:

dudley quine - 2002 montevideo cabernet sauvignon. this 100% cabernet sauvignon tastes like a pep-O-mint life-saver. it is dark purple in color, full-bodied, and complex. but mostly minty.

pine stables - 2001 mitterwald reserve. a minty-fresh bouquet of sugar, cranberry, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. its silky texture features a mid-palate of spearmint. like a mojito, but purple.

arnold layne - 2002 chardonnay. this napa chardonnay is a breezy blend of tic-tac flavors. a hint of mentos on the finish highlights the wintergreen. clean and curiously strong notes at the end. very minty.

soderholm - 2003 late harvest semillon. an inviting nose of winter-fresh fruits and colgate toothpaste. the texture is seamless with a balance of minty sweetness, minty fruit, and an underlying minty acidity.

summer's eve - 2002 napa valley merlot. powerfully and dramatically minty with aromas ranging from candy cane to wintergreen. the palate is soft and minty, finishing with round julep tannins.

david watts - 2003 north coast sauvignon blanc. medium straw in color. aromas of peppermint with hints of fresh lemon and mint leaves. on the palate, notes of junior mint, with a dry, minty-fresh finish.

the wines were ok, i guess, but they all sort of tasted the same. i guess i need a more refined palate. maybe if i'd gone for cinnamon altoids instead...


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous sarah said...

I think you're better off without the veneer. Such formulaic sophistication is highly over-rated!

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous sham sommelier said...

you're right, sarah. i enjoy the over-the-top wine descriptions much more than the actual wine, but here's a fun wine that tastes good to me.


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