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Saturday, December 03, 2005

telly's lovin' feeling

april winchell maintains a killer collection of inexplicable musical curiosities. you've heard the shatner, of course, and you may know the brady bunch's do the hustle. but have you experienced telly savalas' version of you've lost that lovin' feeling? really puts one in the mood... well, in a mood, anyway. There are ESL songs, such as the temps' mein girl and eilert sundt's svensk hound dog. you'll also find a nice selection of classic novelties in the stairway to gilligan and "kfc training tape" vein. of necessity, her posts have gotten more serious recently. still, if you have a squirrelly bone in your body (and who doesn't?), ms. winchell's site and radio show are highly recommended.


At 4:55 PM, Anonymous sarah said...

Wow. I'd rank Telly right up there with John Ashcroft on the crooning scale. I noticed April also has Jim Carey's version of "I am the Walrus" which is actually quite entertaining given his talent for various accents and other vocal nuances. Plus he carries on a self-critical commentary in the background like, "There, I've done it! I've defiled a timeless piece of art! For my next trick..." Good stuff.


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