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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

thanks for not breaking my son, cole

i've been doing too many kidposts lately, but this falls under the brush-with-greatness heading. tor has been wrestling freestyle with some of the top-ranked minnversity guys. tonight, the lad locked up with ncaa heavyweight champion cole konrad.

conrad was undefeated this year, going 41-0 and joining the legendary vern gagne (1949), leonard levy (1941), and brock lesner (2000) as national heavyweight champs from minnesota. i didn't see what happened tonight, but mr. conrad's record clearly remains intact after clashing with the enormous nonconformist.

according to the strib, conrad was 5'9" at tor's age, but now he's listed at 6'4" and 285. i was hoping the experience would be humbling for the similarly-proportioned lad, but not much is humbling at 15. i can't share all of tor's observations on the experience (he doesn't tell me much as it is, so i've gotta be careful), but he did pass along a few thoughts on measuring himself against the best:

1. konrad is "ungodly fast" for a heavyweight, putting tor on his back immediately when the lad reached in for an underhook.

2. upper-body strength represents another big difference. tor said konrad's legs weren't much bigger than mine (well, they are my best feature), but that he could maintain complete control from up-top.

3. tor characterizes konrad as a "true heavyweight." i think this means that, like the lad, he likes to relax a little between drills. for example, tor was threatened with grievous bodily harm if he made konrad sweat.

4. he also called konrad a real *** [a coarse term of high praise among wrestlers]. tor claims to have cross-faced the champ "pretty hard" but neither of them were going full-speed.

5. konrad may remember tor's name. the lad evidently pounded the champ's gut when he was relaxing on his back (which, i guess, is what true heavyweights do), eliciting a shout of U-GUN!

i don't often thank minnversity undergrads, but i owe young mr. konrad a special debt of gratitude. thank you for not breaking my son, cole. i can assure you that he learned a little something from the experience tonight.


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Mike W. said...

Verne Gagne and Brock Lesnar? That's certainly some exceptional company to be placed with. Can't say I know too much about the other cat, but hey, I'm a pro wrestling fan at heart.

Presuming that's a photo of him, Konrad certainly appears to be cut from the same cloth as Lesnar. That's a *big* man.

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous kenny jay said...

speaking of big, the high school league just upped the heavyweight weight limit to 285. this should buy tor at least one more year of eligibility.


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