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Sunday, May 07, 2006

big ditch birthday

we saw big ditch road tonight, at a basement party for david rachac.

an alt-country band who titled their last album suicide note reader's companion would seem a strange choice for a birthday party. not so. haunting tales of death and depression can be life-affirming, especially when set against a backdrop of distortion, drum fills, and sweet pedal steel.

dan israel did a fine early solo set, but i only caught dead flowers and a couple others. my kids were clearly into big ditch road, and tor seemed mesmerized by open-up-a-vein songs such as 7 hours. opening verse:

took a vacation to the state hospital
my sister came to pick me up
take the meds from a paper cup...

i bought a couple disks (support your local and all) and the lad spirited away the new cd as soon as we got home. i'm unlikely to see it again, but that's ok. if he gets just a hint about forging beauty from pain, the ten bucks is well-spent.


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Hope(Chris's daughter) said...

hem hem dad, I love Big Ditch Road, my favorite song of their's is Not To Me:

"I heard you wanna get married
in june
oh i heard you wanna get married
so damn soon
i heard you wanna get married
but not to me"

*tear* but its a still a really cool song


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