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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

so that's what they mean by "advance"

i'm just now getting word of the first few days of sales for locked out. hmmm. sales from canada appeared to total a single book (thanks, rosemary). there were also some conspicuously large negative numbers on the 3/31 statement from oxford. i guess that's why the check i cashed long ago said advance on the stub. finding myself deep in the hole to my publisher all seems very rock and roll. we're not in this for the money, but unless one happens to be a best-selling freaconomist, the most reliable way to make money on academic books is probably to take the advance and not write the book (warning: don't try this at home!).

i checked amazon and barnes & noble today and sales have ... slowed. we now find ourselves settling in somewhere around how to make big money grooming small dogs on the amazon charts. a few classes may pick up the book this fall and we'll keep up the talkradio tour through the election if anyone wants to hear from us. we're also doing an authors meet critics session at the social science history meetings in november and at the american society of criminology meetings, also in november. at the same time. 1937.3 miles apart. strangely, jeff is flying to minneapolis for ssha and i will be in los angeles for asc.

i'm still promoting the book, i think. i had another radio interview misadventure today, on-air with louie free for an hour in cleveland. he was a thoughtful and well-prepared interviewer who had read the book in some detail, but i should simply not be permitted to speak at 7 am. somehow i caught myself rambling on for approximately one hour about how i started studying crime and my not-so-delinquent delinquent history. it is never a good sign when the host asks "are you OK?" during the commercial break. in fact, being asked "are you OK?" is probably a pretty reliable indicator that one is most definitely not OK.

i seem to get a little too comfy with friendly and intelligent interviewers and probably come off better when i'm being ambushed or savaged unfairly. i don't care if anyone in the audience buys a book, but i would like to teach them a little something about crime during the 15 minutes in which i have their attention. i think i've been able to do so in about 70 percent of the interviews. in the other 30 percent, i seem to leave 'em bored, bewildered, or bemused. that's a pretty good batting average, but i still feel like taking the bat to the water cooler every time i strike out.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Brayden said...

So you're telling me I can't get rich by writing academic books?

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous chris said...

oh no, you can get rich, brayden. you're just the guy to apply rigorous sociological analysis to the sexy problems of, say, economics. this is definitely a million dollar idea. do you wanna collaborate with me on freakiology?

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Brayden said...

Freakiology...almost sounds seedy. But that's probably why we'd make it a NY Times bestseller.


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