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Thursday, January 04, 2007

the free-for-all in mcclatchy hall?

david grusky kindly invited me to participate in a debate with larry bobo at stanford's new center for the study of poverty and inequality. i had just posted about being uncomfortable with debating and my ridiculously conciliatory mode of argument, but i couldn't resist this particular opportunity.

though we don't know each other well, i've leaned heavily on professor bobo's work. when we overlapped at wisconsin, i recall us sharing a brief boxing conversation with ross matsueda. that's why i suggested adapting this poster format to advertise the debate. professor bobo can appear as the champion liston and i'll take the role of the unknown challenger, mr. clay.*

i'm not sure exactly what we'll be debating or when (whether?) our schedules will allow us to follow through with it, but we'll need a catchy title. how about the fiasco in palo alto or the free-for-all in mcclatchy hall?

*i know he had excellent reasons for making the change, but was there ever a stronger sports moniker than cassius clay? i mean, it ain't like changing one's name from something pedestrian like bobby moore. if tor or hope ever change their perfectly befitting names, i'll be devastated. and don't even get me started on lew alcindor. names this good should go into a pool when they are cast aside, to be selected by other players. i bet mark blount would be a formidable center with a moniker like lew alcindor.


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Kim said...

I'm pretty sure you can take him. He's bigger, but you're taller and faster.

Let me know when you're going to be in town. I wouldn't want to miss the Mixup at McLatchy.


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