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Sunday, January 28, 2007

of run hunt, lombo, senor smoke, and sexyback

the minneapolis temperature dropped well below zero this morning, but baseball talk crackled in the cold, cold air.

1. inbox. alec ewald emailed to check on a paper, but closed by noting that pitchers and catchers report in a month.

2. pedestrians. twinsfest arrived, bringing the great juan berenguer and legions of his fans back to the metrodome.*

3. walkman. during an interview with sports curmudgeon patrick reusse, 2006 batting champ joe mauer copped to attending last night's justin timberlake show with 2006 mvp justin morneau. in light of their spectacular success as roomies, such socializing would appear to bode well for the upcoming season.

4. the internets. the astros' craig biggio signed on for another season, continuing his quest for the game's least coveted all-time record.

* it was some kind of wonderful for old twins fans to see steve lombardozzi and dan gladden on the same roster again.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Mike W. said...

It's disappointing to see so many people exceed Jason LaRue's penchant for getting plunked.

There's something about those players who you expect to see get hit. Instead of gasping and wondering if they're ok (or going to charge the mound), we, the fans, chuckle and make jokes about the inevitability of it all (or that for some, it ought to be included in their OBP).

At 11:58 PM, Anonymous don baylor said...

i was once mired in a little league slump, when a coach told me that it was "okay" to take one for the team. not a bad slumpbuster...


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