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Saturday, January 13, 2007

smile a while for sara

after much agonizing over wonderful choices, sara wakefield has accepted a position at uc-irvine. i hope sara, randy, and riley take a little time to celebrate before jumping back into dissertationland.

aside from the weather, irvine seems like a perfect spot for a sociological criminologist. as native minnesotans, the wakefields must now acclimate to those harsh orange county winters.

i've worked with sara forever and i'll miss her a lot. but i'll save any serious g'byes for the dissertation defense this summer. we've got some fun collaborative work ahead too, including a research review for nij, some writing on parenting and crime, and our kitty forman -- the early years screenplay. congrats, sara.



At 11:33 AM, Anonymous sarah said...

Congrats, no-h! I'm very glad to read that my inadvertent impersonation of you when an Irvine VIP called 1156 looking for you did not have any adverse effects.


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