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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

food that brings out the work in you

we're all staggering to the finish line this time of year, so it can be tough to squeeze in meetings. ron aminzade, a great department chair and social movements scholar, taught me that food can bring people and projects together. as chair, i'm usually willing to purchase food for meetings but often have difficulty managing the logistics. maybe i should just hold meetings in restaurants and forget about the logistics.

last night i learned how meeting-food should be done. mike and i raced downtown for a 5:30 gathering with friends and co-PIs ebony and hilary at the council. they greeted us with a cornucopia of grumpy's classics: rings, wings, nachos, and skins. we got some work done on the timeline for our new project, of course, but we also established the research site as chris' happy place. the council is literally across the street from home twins' games and great bar food. i can't wait to start cranking on our new grant this summer.


At 7:27 AM, Blogger michael said...

yeah, bar food is great!



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