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Monday, April 02, 2007

hi everybody!

herb carneal died today at the age of 83. mr. carneal had been the voice of the twins since 1962, so i washed a lot of dishes and ran a lot of miles while listening to his calls.

mr. carneal told us about charmin' harmon's 500th home run, the world series in '87 and '91, and pretty much all things twins for 44 years. players such as jack morris and dave winfield respected mr. carneal because he truly appreciated the difficulty of the game. he would report their mistakes, of course, but would never needlessly embarrass them.

the finest tribute, however, comes from garrison keillor, who drew upon mr. carneal to exemplify the concept of mood audio -- the feeling of having a "really nice person" on the front seat with you. he also immortalized the hall of fame broadcaster with a stanza in the porch song:

Just give me two pillows and a bottle of beer,
And the Twins game on radio next to my ear.
Some hark to the sound of the loon or the teal,
But I love the voice of Herb Carneal.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger Woz said...

I gotta say, the best thing about listening to Twins games on the long ride home from the farm would have to be the way Herb and his incredibly specific statistics made you think every hit, pitch, out, and game were a sure thing.

"Well, Radke's back on the mound this inning, which is good news for the Twins, because Brad is pitching with a .07 E.R.A. when facing left-handed batters after the fourth inning on odd-numbered days in July."

Somehow the games just seem less sure without him


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