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Sunday, July 15, 2007

hiring bass players

sis, j.d., and leif are visiting from brooklyn, where they've recently opened a second oslo coffee shop in williamsburg. j.d. says they're hiring a lot of musicians these days, since musicians are quite plentiful in williamsburg and their hours nicely complement those of the shop.

j.d. and sis speak highly of all their employees but offered a few general observations about which types of musicians are especially well-suited to their business. in particular, oslo tends to favor bass players -- which is absolutely terrific news for the enormous nonconformist. why bassists?

1. unlike guitarists, there's only one bassist per band, so the same employees won't need time off work simultaneously.

2. unlike drummers, they tend to play with only one band at a time, making scheduling more predictable.

3. unlike lead singers, they don't typically demand the spotlight. one rarely encounters major ego problems with bass players.

i'd also wager that bass players can lift heavier objects than other classes of musicians, hauling around all that massive ampeg gear. i'd further add something about bass players being rock-steady team players, but this would be extrapolating significantly beyond my data and personal experiences. plus, i don't want to get j.d. into any hot water with his fine co-workers or with the equal employment opportunity commission -- drummers might constitute a protected class for employment discrimination purposes.


At 6:01 AM, Blogger Dave P. said...

Funny, yet mostly true post. The bassists whom I've played the most with are remarkably intelligent: an MA in aerospace engineering, two lawyers, and a BA in modern musical composition who went on to a strong writing career.

Drummers, on the other hand, are mostly psychotic. And I can say that given that I was a drummer for most of my life before learning guitar at age 23. ;-)

At 11:27 AM, Blogger christopher uggen said...

me too, dave, though i've worked with fewer bassists than you. still, they always seemed to provide a voice of reason in little intraband squabbles -- and they'd have your back if the whole band was attacked. i'm guessing that they live longer than drummers and other musicians too (hmmm. maybe there's a demography paper in here somewhere).


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