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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

holy tekulve, batman! neshek's on the ballot

local hero pat neshek is one of five finalists for the final american league all-star pitching spot. i've always had a soft spot for sidearmers such as ewell "whip" blackwell, dennis eckersley, and mr. neshek, as well as submariners such as kent tekulve and the sainted dan quisenberry.

i'm sure they're all fine athletes, of course, but pitchers with funky deliveries always struck me as a bit more, well, cerebral than your average garden-variety plain-vanilla over-the-top pitchers.

mr. neshek possesses both a funky delivery and a decent blog, so i'd encourage you to vote early and often. as a middle reliever, he's only registered three wins. but check out that glistening 1.37 e.r.a. and 47 Ks in 39 innings.

J Bonderman DET 9 1 3.58 _98 89
K Escobar___LAA 9 3 3.32 100 80
R Halladay_ TOR 9 3 4.27 103 65
P Neshek____MIN 3 0 1.37 _39 47
H Okajima___BOS 2 0 0.88 _41 37


At 5:50 AM, Blogger Jay Livingston said...

Holy time-warp, Chris -- how could you remember Ewell Blackwell?

But thanks for the link to Neshek's blog. Do you know of other pro athletes who blog?

At 8:24 AM, Blogger christopher uggen said...

oh sure, i could have gone really old school and cited walter johnson as a great sidearmer and carl mays as a submariner.


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