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Thursday, January 10, 2008

rock the vote: huffington fundrace data

when i learned (via volokh) about huffington's searchable database of 2008 campaign contributions, i couldn't resist checking out my colleagues.

as of january 10, here are the figures for campaign contributions for those who report occupations as professors, lecturers, and deans:

professor: $201,042 to Republicans; $1,291,331 to Democrats
lecturer:$1,850 to Republicans; $36,439 to Democrats
dean: $250 to Republicans; $26,283 to Democrats

in my chosen field of sociology, the numbers are small and skewed by a few donors. i'd guess that, among my peers, contributions to democrats will swamp contributions to republicans in the next few months:

sociologist: $2,300 to Republicans; $1,462 to Democrats
professor of sociology: $0 to Republicans; $660 to Democrats
sociology professor: $0 to Republicans; $225 to Democrats

i also looked up the occupations of friends and family members:

economist: $65,511 to Republicans $141,518 to Democrats
soldier: $10,790 to Republicans; $3,252 to Democrats
police officer: $12,533 to Republicans; $5,828 to Democrats
comedian: $2,000 to Republicans; $6,550 to Democrats
musician: $27,232 to Republicans; $152,288 to Democrats

as a rawkgeek, the musician category really caught my eye. i took the liberty of putting together a few bands, based on the specific musicians contributing to various political candidates. there are four caveats here: (1) we're short on drummers, for understandable reasons; (2) barry manilow gives money to everybody -- $2,300 each to john edwards, hillary clinton, and barack obama, and joe biden, and ron freakin' paul; (3) there were too few musicians to assemble a band for any of the republican candidates (though ron paul also picked up support from fab t-birds guitarist jimmie vaughan).

the rhythm sections seem a little weak, given the paucity of drummers and bass players among the big donors, but i could nevertheless assemble credible all-star bands of contributors to barack obama, hilary clinton, and john edwards. i also list the amount they've given to the candidate. based on their combined repertoire, i suggested a few songs they could play at the inauguration. just let me know if you have other suggestions.

the obaminators: barack obama donors
  • vocals: graham nash (CSNY, hollies) $2,300
  • vocals/lyrics: conor oberst (bright eyes) $2,300
  • vocals: kurt elling $1,250
  • rhythm guitar: nile rogers, (chic) $2,300 (plus $4,600 to chris dodd)
  • lead guitar: derek trucks (allmans) $250
  • lead/rhythm guitar: stone gossard (pearl jam) $2,500
  • keyboards: ramsey lewis (jazzy!) $2,300
  • keys II: bruce hornsby $2,300
  • inauguration set: dreams, alive and le freak
dang. i'd pay to see these guys. sweet vocals, jazz cred, and three of the finest guitarists on the planet: nile rogers, derek trucks, and stone gossard (well, at least two of the finest guitar players on the planet). they just need a rhythm section. i'd suggest clyde stubblefield on drums and larry graham on bass. did i mention that the band includes both derek trucks and nile rogers? dang.

the hillaries: hillary clinton donors
  • vocals/guitar: john bongiovi (sound it out -- that's the guy) $4,600
  • keyboards: neal doughty (reo speedwagon) $2,300
  • keyboards: peter griesar (dave mathews band) $1,500
  • bass: nick zarin-ackerman (the virgins) $4,600
  • inauguration set: living on a prayer and roll with the changes

classic? yes. exciting? not so much. plus, they still need a drummer. i'm thinking we might roll out phil collins, mick fleetwood, or carmen appice for this outfit.

the john eddies: john edwards donors

  • vocals/guitar: john fogerty (creedence) $2,000
  • vocals/guitar: bonnie raitt $2,300
  • drums: lars ulrich (metallica) $2,300
  • violin: boyd tinsley, (dave mathews band) $4,600
  • inauguration set: fortunate son, enter sandman, and have a heart

i like it. sort of a roots-americana populist-metal jam-band vibe. we've already got a drummer here, but we're in need of a bass player. i like lester or flea or maybe the ox for this eclectic outfit, but i wouldn't mind if they let ol' huck sit in on the slow ones.


At 9:03 AM, Blogger Dan Myers said...

Great post Chris. I'm picking AND grinning this morning!

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Woz said...

So Lars supports Edwards? I had him pegged as a republican for sure after the whole napster boondoggle. I wonder how the populist rhetoric sits with with the let's-bilk-every-penny-possible-out-of-our-fans creed that Mr. Ulrich and company seem to live by...

At 3:57 PM, Blogger christopher uggen said...

thanks, dan. i was hoping to identify more republican supporters, but even the country-western crowd seem to to be ponying up for democrats this year. et tu, lee greenwood?

woz, we could definitely use a few more bassists on the list. maybe lars was attracted to edwards' protectionism. i like barry manilow's corporate strategy: no bet-unhedged.


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