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Thursday, February 28, 2008

closed circuit: wrestling tourney post

i've been monitoring the guillotine for state wrestling tournament updates, since tonight's opening matches at the excel center. i started watching to support my son, then to root for the fine lads i knew from his mounds view team, and now i'm just a full-on fan.

it was crazy fun to see tor bust out of the tunnel last year (at left), but i'm almost as interested in 2008.* five of our guys made it to state and i care way more about them than about any super bowl/world series/final four stuff. here's the surviving roster and results from the first round of matches:

at 119, we've got bigelbach, the smiling sophomore. fearless and hilarious, he'll take on dudes (more than) twice his size. he fought valiantly tonight, but went down in the third to an alexandria kid with a 33-3 record.

next up, both senior captains made it to state.

at 135, our man piersak was upset, losing 10-7. it is a double-elimination tourney, so i'm sure he'll wrestle back through the ranks.
at 140, balzer won easily, but give the rochester lad some credit -- he must've fought hard to escape andrew's long arms and his devastating cradle.

at 152, we've got good ol' mulvaney, who fought through sections to take a true second spot. a gregarious junior with a million dollar smile and a wicked headlock, terry is a dark horse this year. he lost tonight, but he's strong and quick enough to put anybody on their back.

at 160, finn efficiently dispatched a fine wrestler in the first round. he's got great strength, ninja-like balance, and a lifetime of experience throwing down with his brothers.

at 171, i'm rooting for stone. he moved over to cooper this year, but tor's old linemate remains a mustang at heart.

good luck to all the young men wrestling this year. it takes a ridiculous amount of training, dedication, and courage just to get on the mat. anyone who makes it to state is beyond absurd. carpe diem, lads.

* when tor ran out, the only thing i could think of was what the heck is going on with his hair? apparently his bangs were non-regulation, so he self-inflicted a scarifying haircut on himself at the weigh-ins.


At 10:00 AM, Blogger timna said...

wow, fans like these, you should be coming to the banquet. I'm sending in our reservation today, should I add you to the timna clan? tor too?

At 10:40 PM, Blogger christopher uggen said...

hey timna, tor spent the day at the tourney, cheering on his mates. he tells me that balzer and finn were dominant today. i also smiled when centennial advanced. they're certainly not the most talented team at state, but tough competitors from top to bottom.


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