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Thursday, March 20, 2008

college and tattoos

i've been doing the dutiful chair thing throughout our spring break, but i've got to skip town tomorrow. i'm taking the lad to see a couple of the wisconsin colleges with whom he's been flirting.

we won't be emulating the dudes in the mug shots at left, but part of me envies floyd (48) and justin (21) beebe. tor and i have discussed matching father-son tattoos, but we've struggled with creative differences -- same thing happens when we try to play guitar together, btw. he just wants a li'l strawberry on his bicep, which is only funny/cool if you're a 6'6" athlete playing against type. me, i'd prefer some sort of love-themed tat, anyplace that a judge (or a dean) wouldn't see it.

aw heck, if he's serious about the strawberry, i'll just get the darn strawberry. that's love-themed enough for me.


At 7:33 AM, Blogger Dave P. said...

C'mon man, you'd look pretty badass presenting at ASA with "psycho" on your forehead.

Or maybe "structure" on one fist and "agency" on the other...


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