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Friday, March 14, 2008


academics can get burnt-out this time of year, but academic administrators seem to crispify like ants under the magnifying glass in the noonday sun. i was wearing my administrator hat at a big morning today, advocating for the department in an annual budget meeting with the college dean.

all is well, but the process can be exhausting. there's little time to blog about 'em, but i should note at least five of the pick-me-ups i got this evening:

1. i learned much from eszter's talk on digital inequality and a fine dinner with smart companions.

2. knowing well my crispiness and personal zigitude, amy hit me with the conchords' bowie song this afternoon. nice.

3. good news from a big journal arrived in the mail.

4. we're celebrating the end of data collection and saying goodbye to some great research staff on the project-i'm-supposed-to-shut-up-about-until-we're-outta-the-field, indicating actual progress on said project (but you didn't hear it from me). anyway, party at my house tomorrow night to express a li'l gratitude to some hardworking young researchers.

5. a most-welcome spring break arrives tomorrow evening. i promised to bang out a couple dumpsterloads of unfinished business in the next 10 days, but i'm almost feeling optimistic about it.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger sarah said...

Oh yeah, the Bowie Song! Classic. Might I also recommend Business Time (especially for the partnered set) and The Humans Are Dead (worth listening through to the end for the "binary solo" for sure). Of course, the songs are even funnier within the context of the HBO show...


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