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Friday, May 02, 2008

it's a runner's world...

only four weeks to the madison marathon and i could use a running story for inspiration. here's one from today's strib:

when two men dipped into the till of a local ginkgo coffee shop, mark laliberte of roseville (left) took after the guy with the cash. when he caught up with him, the strib and the local news played up the fact that mr. laliberte has run a few marathons.

Laliberte, a veteran of numerous marathons and triathlons, was up and ready to run in pursuit. He ripped off his jacket and raced down Exchange Street after the suspect. Laliberte can run a mile in 6 minutes, 30 seconds. "I was running faster than that because I knew it was a sprint,'' he said. The suspect ran ahead, looking back over his shoulder. Laliberte was gaining.

"I said, 'That's right, I'm gaining on you. I'm going to catch you. You might as well stop,'" Laliberte said.

The chase ranged over several downtown blocks until the pair hit Ninth Street. That's where Laliberte "horse-collared" the suspect.

for the record, a 6:30 mile isn't going to catch many suspects under the age of 70. that said, marathoners are usually right when they say, "i'm going to catch up with you ... eventually." i always told my kids that i could beat randy moss in a race. oh sure, he'd torch me for the first mile or two, but i'd smoke the great receiver (and occasional smoker) if the race lasted more than three hours.

i'm no vigilante, but i understand why mr. laliberte took after the thief. i dimly recall an afternoon robbery in my days as a cook. it must've been after a busy lunch rush, because there was cash in the till and several cooks hanging out for the change of shift. when word of the robbery hit the kitchen, we each grabbed a knife and poured out the back door (why? i dunno) and down the hill in our whites and aprons. it must've been quite a sight -- there were no marathon runners in the group that day, just sweaty guys with cutlery and hairnets. fortunately for all involved, local law enforcement caught the young man before we did.

i'm now content to leave the chasing of thieves and wide receivers to the professionals, though i stubbornly believe i'd catch up with most of 'em eventually. i may not be in shape for this month's marathon, but i know i can still beat randy moss.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger S.S.STONE said...

Good Luck with your run Chris!

You've probably heard about Canada's Terry Fox. He had inspired many to take up running and his dream lives on each year. A true inspiration.

At 11:50 PM, Blogger christopher uggen said...

thanks for the tip, sarah.


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