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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mayor rybak declares june 13th electric fetus day

when esperanza said her pals were headed to "the fetus" this weekend, it didn't register at first. i couldn't believe it when she elaborated: "you know, the electric fetus. in minneapolis."

you mean, like, the old record store and paraphernalia shop i remember from high school? aren't record stores for old and/or dorky people? or are you into something we should talk about?

i haven't been to the fetus for a few years (decades?) but i'm heartened that they're still selling music and candles and incense and bath salts and such. they also do some very cool in-stores, with atmosphere and brother ali appearing just last night. here's the rest of the lineup:
  • Wednesday, June 11th: Haley Bonar
  • Thursday, June 12th: Roma di Luna
  • Friday, June 13th: Charlie Parr
  • Saturday, June 14th: Teddy Bear Band
  • Sunday, June 15th: Donald Washington/James Buckley Trio
to honor their 40 years of serving the community, minneapolis mayor r.t. rybak has declared friday to be electric fetus day. there's further celebration and a benefit for local foodshelves at first avenue that evening, with live music from four decades: doomtree, polara, the hypstrz, tony glover, and the new standards appearing in the mainroom, and a night in the box, john rodine, moon maan, and the electric fetus all-stars appearing in the entry.


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Trina said...

Chris... you work so close to the store! You need to travel west a bit more on Franklin!
You'll also see a Wendy's up the street from there. Head up to Nicollett and you'll also see condos, starbucks, and CVS where the SA and parking lot next to the liquor store used to be.
When we first moved here, someone asked us where the "fetus" was. I was confused and a bit appalled until I learned later they were asking directions to the Electric Fetus. Guess that's part of learning the local cultural lingo.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger christopher uggen said...

yer right, trina. i've been remiss. i dimly recall some youthful ventures across the river to the fetus (and the cabooze and...). quite a journey for a st. paul kid.


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