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Monday, June 23, 2008

no gophers at victoria's secret

victoria's secret recently announced that minnversity-themed t-shirts, hoodies, and underwear will be sold as part of the company's PINK collegiate collection.

contrary to strib reports, however, the minnesota daily reveals that goldy gopher will not be participating in the new loungewear line. the mixup is attributed to miscommunication rather than gender politics. nevertheless, spokesgophers made clear that the clothing line is "not in step with the University's values and focus" and that the minnversity only "approves tasteful trademark requests." should universities license their names to lingerie stores? who decides which products should or shouldn't be licensed?

though i wouldn't want my university to be involved in anything distasteful, i know we can always use new revenue streams. personally, i only purchase products that are in keeping with the minnversity's values and focus, such as my officially-licensed golden gopher "talking beer opener."* it plays a bracing version of the rouser at considerable volume, which usually puts guests in a festive mood.

i guess i wouldn't be terribly offended if the minnversity struck a deal with victoria's secret, as long as they also licensed some male boxers and loungewear. either way, however, i'm unlikely to set foot in the store. my last trip to victoria's secret was at rosedale about 10 years ago, where i was greeted by a hearty, "hi professor uggen! can i help you find something?" being unprepared to talk underwear with an undergrad, i made up a lame cover story -- "why this isn't the Foot Locker, i must've taken a wrong turn! i'm very absent-minded, you know" -- before retreating quickly, two kids in tow.

* in truth, the opener was a gift from a much-loved student.


At 2:41 AM, Blogger Sara said...

i am giggling loudly... i ran into some undergrads in a vegas bar once at 3am. i tried to tell them i was there for research/field work but the slurred speach and loud singing along to def leppard's 'pour some surgar on me' kind of undermined the story.

helluva classy gift though.


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