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Thursday, September 18, 2008

of real and ersatz jack swaggers

dang. it ain't easy when folks just up and steal your name. i've written a couple times about captain jack swagger, the local wrestler and musician who crossed paths with my lad. his mother che tells me that jack is "3rd generation rock n roll" and she chose a name that might resonate in the entertainment industry.

sure enough, young mr. swagger is getting steady work fronting the soviet machines and doing rooftop acoustic homages to his minneapolis forebears. but now an imposter named jake hager (pictured above) has appropriated the storied jack swagger moniker. from che's email:

You know your point about names is so very true. And your interpretation of our hopes and dreams for Jack Swagger in entertainment were very accurate. Unfortunately our dreams were hit hard last week when the ECW/WWE introduced a FAKE "Jack Swagger" on National television!

This immoral wrestler and the development school he trained at ignored the real Jack Swagger's requests to not use his name for entertainment purposes. They use it as a gimmick, a character, not a living, breathing, human being ...
As you noticed years ago when he was announced "Captain Jack Swagger" over the wrestling loudspeaker. Jack Swagger's name is what makes unique and sets him apart from everyone else. Jack contacted this individual, who's real name is Jake Hager, a fellow amateur wrestler with memories and accomplishments just like Jack's, and he ignored Jack's requests to stop using his birth name for entertainment purposes. This is horribly UNENTERTAINING to our family.

dang. i suppose i'd be frustrated too if some rugby n' bass-playing piker named "tom unger" suddenly appropriated "tor uggen" as a stage name, or if some academic imposter stole my identity. karma will catch up with mr. hager eventually, i'm sure, perhaps in the form of a folding chair blow to the cranium.


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Mike W said...

Egads. When I saw Swagger on tv a week or so back (and, being located near where he trained for a bit before arriving on TV, knew him as "Jake Hager"), I thought to myself, "boy howdy, what a terribly corny and so-unrealistic name to give a wrestler. What kind of name is 'Jack Swagger?'"

Well, as it turns out, I get to be a bit red in the face as there is a real wrestler with the real name, and not the fake wrestler with the fake name.

At 11:04 PM, Blogger lbreisem said...

OK, Chris, you posted a picture of the fake Jack Swagger, why not give the same op to the real Jack Swagger. I am sure you will find the real Jack Swagger one good looking talented young man compared to the imposter. The real Jack Swagger is the greatest.


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