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Friday, April 03, 2009

what about a snuggie with a fedora?

minnesota welcomes its first snuggie pub crawl tonight, and james lileks at the strib puts the perfect recession outfit into perspective:

Some people want to curl up on the sofa under something cozy, and still have their hands free in case they want to slit their wrists...

But when you're laid off, it's not good to wear loose clothing. Oh, the first few weeks it's a joy: no more tight bogus Establishment Trousers cinching the gut, no more noose around the neck. Freedom! Now I'll write that novel!

But there's a direct, scientifically proven correlation between elastic waistbands and productivity. No one who's wearing a Snuggie at noon will get a job until the economy is booming so hard they're putting Help Wanted signs in premature infant wards.

i'd post a picture of tor in his snuggie, but it would jeopardize my facebook privileges. it suffices to say that the snuggie is among the few garments that actually fit a long-armed lad of 6'7" and that he enjoys it both ironically and non-ironically. still, i'm with lileks on this one.

But this is not the sort of recession-reaction future generations will admire. I've watched a lot of 1930s movies. The guys have suits with creases you could use to cut cold salami, and they have hats... The bars might want to take a cue from the Great Depression, and make the next one a Fabulous Depression. Look sharp, not like slumped beasts hiding under a sheet of cloth.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger Marissa said...

Very nice. I had no idea my humble neighborhood was going to be taken over by snuggie wearing partiers.

Someone posted a link to this: on the trib article. It's worth a watch, and probably funnier after reading the Lileks article.

PS On a related note, the shamwow guy was picked up for aggravated battery in March. Mug shot and affadavit are here:


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