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Friday, September 21, 2012

feelin' the feelin'

I was delighted to read that Nick "The Feelin'" Mrozinski landed a spot on Team Cee-Lo on NBC's "The Voice."  I was fortunate to share billing with The Feelin' (a/k/a Nicholas David) on one of my all-time favorite research presentations a few years back.

TSP grad board member/musician/entrepreneur Sarah Lageson set the whole thing up: why not combine a research release with a performance by an amazing musician and a fundraiser for a worthy community organization? So I gave my first powerpoint presentation on the effects of low-level criminal records at the Downtime Bar. It might seem strange, but the research paired perfectly with Mr. Mrozinski's smart and soulful repertoire -- as well as the strong Surly beer on tap at Downtime. I was nervous at the start of the talk, but loosened up once I got a "right on!" and head nod from The Feelin'. I'm starting to feel a TSP-sponsored concert series coming on, alternating presentations of our featured papers with inspired and inspiring music. In the meantime, I hope that fans of The Voice and TSP might a send a li'l love and support the Feelin's way.


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