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Sunday, October 07, 2012

blisteringly good times

Well, marathon #27 is now in the books and it just wouldn't be marathon day without a few reflections and a not-safe-before-breakfast image. I recognize that this is the sort of annoying personal stuff that should be emailed closed-circuit to fellow plodders, but I'll post it for the few far-flung friends who tell me they enjoy the running stuff.

It was sunny and crisp in the MSP and pretty much perfect running weather. I ran happy and healthy, save for the slight blisteration above. My pastiness  exaggerates blisters, with the color scheme resembling nothing so much as my grandmother's rice pudding with raspberry sauce (but yeesh, look at the difference in the arches -- you can still see that torn plantar fascia from 2008). I never really notice blisters until well after the race -- usually when I'm trying to wedge my feet into dress shoes for a Monday faculty meeting. I'm not alone or particularly tough about this. After twentysomething miles, most runners have got too many things hurting below the skin to really notice a blister. This year, there were a few moments that reminded me of an old Dylan song, but the Andy Bernard-level nippular excoriation of 2011 is officially a thing of the past, thanks to a silky new singlet.

The live music was wonderful along the way, with great drums and horns and accordia and something that sounded like Jerry Garcia playing Neil Young. I always enjoy hearing Chic's Good Times as I cross into St. Paul, since the Nile Rodgers chicka-chicka riff sets a lovely pace. Today, though, I couldn't stop smiling at the lyrics, "Clams on the half-shell, and roller skates. Roller skates." I know the seventies are over, but dang. That's my kind of party.

I ran a 3:59, which was 16 minutes off last year's pace, but perfectly a-ok for today. I trained way too lightly for this one and went out way too fast, quickly overheating. I ended up shedding sweatshirt for singlet before the temp was above freezing. At that point, I recalled that "there are old out-of-shape marathoners and there are bold out-of-shape marathoners, but there are no old, bold out-of-shape marathoners." So I plugged along at a respectable pace but not one likely to blow any gaskets. As for next year, once again I face the choice between getting serious about training or just continuing to appreciate running where and when I feel like it. Good times either way...


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